Resources: Islam by Choice

  1. Dr. Taha Jabir al-Alwani : The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam
  2.  K. S. Ramakrishna Rao: Mohammed The Prophet 
  3.  Malek Bennabi: The Qur'anic Phenomenon 
  4.  Dr. Marcel Boisard: The Probable Influence of Islam on Western Public and International Law 
  5.  Abdul-Hakim Murad: Islamic Spirituality the forgotten revolution
  6.  Marwa El-Naggar: Islam and the Human Being 
  7.  Dr. Azizah al-Hibri: Islam, Law and Custom: Redefining Muslim Women's Rights 
  8.  Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq: Freedom and Choice: The First Order Condition of Islam 
  9.  Dr. Chandra Muzaffar: Ulama, Hegemony and Reform
  10. Graham Fuller: Islam, a Force for Change 
  11. George Rafael: ABZs of Islam
  12.  Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq: Islam and Egalitarianism

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