Resources: Apostasy and Freedom of Faith

 1.   Dr. Jamal Badawi: On Apostasy
2.      Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali: Freedom of religion
3.      Dr. Abdullah Saeed: A Fresh Look at Freedom of Belief in Islam
4.      Tariq Ramadan: On Apostasy
5.      Al-Azhar's Sheikh Tantawi: Apostasy
6.      Dr. Hasan Turabi: Interview
7.      Former Indonesian President: Extremism Isn't Islamic Law
9.      S. A. Rahman [former Chief Justice of Pakistan]: Punishment of Apostasy in Islam: Chapter I (Qur’an)
10.  S. A. Rahman [former Chief Justice of Pakistan]: Punishment of Apostasy in Islam: Chapter II (Sunnah)
16.  MPAC/Dr. Maher Hathout: Apostasy
17.  Dr. M. Cherif Bassiouni: Leaving Islam Is Not a Capital Crime
18.  Dr. Muhammad Khalid Masud: Apostasy and Judicial Separation in British India
19.  Dr. Chandra Muzaffar: From Fiqh to Qur'an: Resolving Apostasy  
20.  CAIR: On Apostasy
21.  Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer: Islam and Punishment for Apostasy  
22.  Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer: Islam and Religious Freedom
23.  Dr. Mohamed Shahrour: Concept of Freedom in Islam
24.  Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan: Freedom to Change One's Religion
25.  Ibrahim Hooper: Islam and religious freedom
27.  Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa: Are The Scholars The Same As God Himself?
28.  Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa: Converts from Islam: Let God Be the Judge
31.  Imam Farooq Abo-Elzahab: No earthly penalty for converts
32.  Imam Sadullah Khan: Freedom, Tolerance and the Shari’ah
33.  CAIR-FL's Ahmed Bedier: Interview
35.  Dr. Jamal Badawi: Is Apostasy a Capital Crime in Islam?
36.  Dr. Ahmad Shafaat: The Punishment of Apostasy of Islam
37.  Shaikh Ahmad Kutty: Islam and Freedom of Belief
40.  Sisters in Islam: Islam, Apostasy and PAS
43.  Ibrahim Abusharif: The Legal Tradition of Islamic Apostasy
46.  Anwaar Hussain: In The Name of God
47.  David Forte: Islam's Trajectory
50.  "Apostasy: turning away from Islam," in Oil and Water: Two Faiths, One God (Kelowna: Copper House, 2006), pp. 178-180

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